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Below is our focus for this year:

Old Folks' Homes: We regularly visit two "old folks homes." Each is home to 125 older people who are without families to 'love on' them. Some are incapacitated; some are very ambulatory. We visit the residents frequently: talking with them, doing such activities as: singing to them, giving them assorted treats & gifts that we either bring with us or buy locally; giving them corsages & boutonnieres; presenting Polaroid photo-badges to each person; placing colorful name tags at each bedside; and taking time to touch them and hold their hand. One summer we decorated one entire facility with permanent silk flower arrangements. We distribute dolls and stuffed toys and handkerchiefs to each resident, and provide puzzles and games for the facility. We have distributed reading glasses to many of the old folks so they can see to crochet and read. They wait for our visits, and always remember us ­ it does all our hearts good!

Continue the Food Parcel program: Our 'care package' program continues in central Romania, thanks primarily to cash contributions from National Education Association's teachers. Food bundles containing cheese, salami, dried milk, lard, flour, and some sweet treats and fun snacks are distributed once a month for some of the most poor or disabled families in the region. Salaries are so low & food is so expensive - our 'care packages' provide welcome staples for hungry families and poor widows throughout the year.

Eye Glasses for poor people. We work with a nonprofit group in distributing free used eyeglasses and non-prescription reading glasses. For those who cannot utilize our non-prescription glasses, we have sponsored most of the cost of lens grinding and fitting in our used frames for qualified recipients who present a recent lens prescription. Recipients for this program are pensioners, unemployed, or students from large families. Every trip we able to reach more elderly people in more rest homes. With our glasses program, we are able to give them the gift of assisted sight. We can always use non-prescription reading glasses.

Children & Orphans: We spend time at several different orphanages, playing games with children, distributing gifts, making photo-badges and balloon animals. Dave organizes group games for neighborhood children & street kids. Sometimes we are able to assist at a camp for severely handicapped children, and we occasionally do activities at a local children's hospital. Opportunities are always available to pray with the children: many are eager to know Jesus, and we give out many tracts and non-denominational brochures about Christianity.

Computer Classes: We have assisted with computer classes in public schools in our region. The computer students are fast learners who are very polite and astute. We placed copies of "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing" wherever we have had the opportunity. Romania has been slow to understand the importance of typing skills, but increased computer use is forcing keyboarding awareness, and students will become more anxious to learn to type properly. The Romanians are fascinated by the American's easy-going manner in the classrooms, and we know that one of our greatest gifts to her people is our day-to-day modeling of a lifestyle of democracy and freedom.

School Projects: Various schools have put together projects to touch students in Romania. Elementary students from Helix, Oregon, donated $900 to help a Sibiu middle school purchase a much-needed TV-VCR to assist with their English language program. The idea caught on, and the recipient school collected enough money to purchase a modem and Internet connection for their school. A Catholic school in Muncie, Indiana, donated and shipped a hundred pairs of shoes and socks for village children. A junior high school in Winslow, Maine purchased several cases of toothbrushes and toothpaste. Ever creative, students are anxious to learn to extend a helping hand to less prosperous students in eastern Europe. We are happy that we can facilitate their efforts and concern.

Volunteers: Over the years, we have had many people come to work alongside us in Romania. Every volunteer has a different reason for coming to Romania, but we all have one thing in common: we love helping people!

Our work is very expensive, but also very rewarding.
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