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Through the help of many friends and acquaintances, we have been able to bring practical assistance to scores of impoverished adults and orphans who live in central Romania.

Examples of Romanian Aid that we have provided includes:

  • Sports Equipment, Games and Puzzles & Stuffed Toys for Orphans, Poor & Handicapped Children.
  • Candy Canes and Oranges delivered by 'Santa' to Orphanages & Poor Villages; Distribute Gift Packs or Fun Treats whenever we visit.
  • Coats, Gloves, Scarves and Hats in the Winter for Orphans & Poor Families.
  • T-Shirts, Shorts, Shoes & Warm-ups in the Summer for Orphans and Poor Families.
  • Vitamins, Medicines, & Eyeglasses for Rest Homes & Specific Individuals.
  • Medical Supplies & Equipment for Clinics.
  • Hair Care and Beauty & Personal Hygiene for Older Orphans & the Elderly.
  • Toothpaste & Toothbrushes, Clothing and Shoes for Orphans, the Handicapped, the Elderly, & Poor Families.
  • Yarn, Sewing Supplies & Crochet Thread for Village Peasants.
  • Small Hand Tools, and a Computer.
  • Glasses for poor people: Hundreds of used eyeglasses and non-prescription reading glasses have been distributed to needy individuals.
  • Provided Silk Flower Arrangements to decorate Orphanages and Rest Home. Residents loved our custom-designed corsages & boutonnieres.
  • Provided 6000 seed packets for village gardens, complements of W. Atlee Burpee & Co.
  • Provided a starter batch of 'seed potato' for village gardens, complements of Kerns Rainbow Ranch.

Our stateside efforts include:

  • 'Heart for Romania' provided Air Transportation and all arrangements for 3 children and translators. 4-year old Andrada and 11-year old Alex had a congenital hip dislocation; Petre had severe burns. Medical intervention provided by the Portland Shriners' Hospital made all the difference: Andrada & Alex now can look forward to walking for a lifetime; Petre's surgeries were not as beneficial, but his real healing took place in his heart.
  • We are facilitating arrangements to bring other children for orthopedic and burn restoration. Air transportation will be necessary for the children and a parent, as well as various 'maintenance' expenses for our foreign patients.
  • When we are stateside, we have made arrangements for the monthly continuation of our Food Distribution Program in the Sibiu area, thanks primarily to cash contributions from National Education Association's teachers. Food bundles containing tinned meat,oil, pasta, cornmeal, sugar, flour, and some sweet treats and fun snacks continue to be distributed once a month for needy families. Salaries are so low & food is so expensive - our 'care packages' provide welcome staples throughout the year for poor widows and unemployed families suffering from illness or disability.

Our work is not done. In fact, we feel like we have hardly begun!
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[Home][Who are we?][Why Romania?][Our Purpose]
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